Affiliate Summit East 2009: Day 1

The Affiliate Summit event for an affiliate newbie and passionate blogger can be very challenging and surprising on many levels. First because the process of learning and understanding exactly What affiliate marketing is during the event is something that happens almost in a subliminal way if you are attending the show for the fist time.

If you have a personal or professional blog you probably already heard that you can make money on Affiliate Marketing, but do you really know the meaning of that term? The first step to understand the difference between the written “Merchant” and “Affiliate” on the badges that people wear during the event.

The video above shows the Affiliate Summit East 2009 Exhibit Floor and its Bloggers Lounge, open during the three days of event, at the Hilton Hotel, in New York

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Merchant is also known as the advertiser and the Affiliate Is also known as the publisher who create content to sell products or services. The Affiliates can make money per click on the links they have on their sites or receive a commission on sales that come from those links.

The relationships in the Affiliate Marketing industry happen between Merchants, Networks, Publishers and then Consumers. Now you can also include Affiliate Management Agencies, Super-Affiliates and Specialized Third Parties vendors in that game. If you search on Google, you will find a good definition on Wikipedia for “What is Affiliate Marketing”.

Attending the Affiliate summit is a good opportunity to see how the super star Bloggers are rocking that world. It is interesting to watch to many different styles of speakers, the ones who have amazing cases of success and the ones who give up the rule of thumbs for how to do it.

Bloggers School attended with press passes the three days of event. From August 9 -11, we had the chance to participate of a few educational sessions.

Optimizing Google AdWords Performance

The first class I decided to see on Sunday, the fist day, was Optimizing Google AdWords Performance, presented by Tyrona Heath, Program Manager, Customer Education of Google (Twitter @tyrona). The speaker gave up smart tips to manage small and big GoogleAd campaigns, but she definitely felt the heat of a few mad, unhappy and confused costumers on the audience. Tyrona ended her presentation with a legion of followers which cases and questions she promised to discuss particularly, after the session.

In my opinion, Tyrona’s presentation had one very negative point: she talked the whole time about paid links and just ignore the organic results when it comes to online marketing campaigns. Yes, the session was about Google AdWords Performance, but she said ignore numbers about user’s preference between organic and paid search results.

What the Heck is a Website Nowadays?

That was another session that I was very excited to attend, but at the end of the discussion the question still wasn’t answered. The presentation was basically a consultation about how to order your website from your web designer. Advices such as “Use opens sources like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress to build your website” or “Make sure you buy your own domains, and not your web master” are sure valuable. Maybe applied examples, like how a bakery could be using a web 2.0 site, for example, would illustrate better the fact that we are living on the conversational web era.

Igniting Viral Campaigns by Creating Relevant Conversations

Larry Bailin was from far the highlight of my schedule selection. His presentation about viral videos exposed example of material that had profit on number of views, but not when it comes to money. The best insight of the speach was how having a plan and a strategy are crucial if you expect to make money with viral videos. Another golden piece of Bailin that totally makes sense talking about Social Media: In order to sell you need to have influence; to make money is necessarily to connect.

Larry Bailin is the author of “Mommy, where do costumers come from?”, and has created viral video campaigns to Mercedes Benz, Acer and several other big brands. If you are interested on picking a piece of his mind, buy the book during the month of August and also contribute with charity.

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