Search Engine Strategies 2010 & Real-Time Search Techniques

Techniques of Real-Time Search were reveled at Search Engine Strategies NY 2010 Conference and Expo. This year’s conference was packed with new and trendy topic one of those topics being Real-Time Search. The panel was called “ From Real-Time Search To Dynamic Discovery ” Speakers on this Real-Time Search panel included the followings Search Engine Strategies Speakers.

Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES/Search Engine Watch/ClickZ

Maile Ohye Senior Developer Programs Engineer Google

Mark Drummond CEO, Wowd,Inc.

Larry Cornett, VP, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search

The discussions was right on what is happening online with the use of Twitter and other real-time Social Platforms, news and tools emerging in a high rate. There are many people now online and the numbers are climbing faster and faster, making it hard to stay ahead. This is great if you put the work in that your competitors are not!! That’s the good news. The bad news its still work but it has to be done so why not make it fun and stop resiting The Social Media Revolution and learn how to control Real-Time search and organic links to push the envelope to the max.