Understand how companies are using Twitter for advertise their business at the next iBreakfast

A lot of people are hearing that getting an account on Twitter is good for your projects and businesses, but there are much more things involved on the Twitter use.

The Twitter tool might work as a way of attract people to your blog, but there are manners and a few tips that can really make the difference for the reputation of your brand. on last, January the iBreakfast, the topic was “Glitter in Twitter”, and the main discussion was How Business are Using this micro blogging tool.

In the video above are a few insights from the speakers on the panel:

  • Howard Lindzon, from StockTwits
  • Stephen Gilberg, from WineTiwts
  • Chris Muscarella, from mCommons
  • Gregory Galant, from Sawhorse Media
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Alan Brody talks to Bloggers School about the iBreakfast and Social Media

There are two extremes of the same pendulum who still don’t get the Social Media Revolution, the power of Blogging and using the Social Networking Tools.

You can see the spark on small business owners when they learn that they don’t need to spend money on the Yellow Pages anymore. They actually agree when we mention that everybody goes online, probably to Google or YouTube, before purchase in the store.

On the other hand, CEOs of big companies and even the Mainstream Media now can see themselves afraid of Bloggers, because know regular people can talk about their brands and there is no more control under the information.

A best place to start understanding the importance of Blogging, Podcasting and Showcasing your business or talent is the iBreakfast, a breakfast Social Networking that happens monthly in New York. If you want to understand more about the Digital World, the online advent and how the second generation got started after the break down in 1995, watch the video bellow, an interview with Alan Brody, the creator and moderator of the iBreakfast. He is talking about the use of the Internet tools for suits and giving an interesting definition for Social Media.

The next iBrekfast happens next January 22nd, and the topic discussed is going to be “Glitter in Twitter”, highly recommended for the ones who don’t get the powerful use of this miniblog updates.

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