Don Lemon pulls a Kanye West on Current TV’s Oxycontin report at BlogWorld Expo 09

“The Death and Rebirth of Journalism” was the topic of the second day’s opening keynote at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009. During the session -moderated by Brain Solis, with the participation of Don Lemon from CNN, Joanna Drake Earl from, Jay Rosen journalism professor for NYU, and Hugh Hewitt, expert in politics and radio show host-, Lemon pulls the Kanye West with a Swift interruption on Joanna Drake and Current TV, raising his hand while interrupting her without waiting to be acknowledged. She was talking about how citizen journalism is spreading around the world and she mentioned the story Current was doing about Oxycontin Express, when Don Lemon jumped in with his Oxycontin report. Watch the video below from 20:30 mark to 22:00 and let me know what you think.

Another highlight of the session was Don Lemon trying to acknowledge the value of the Mainstream Media when it comes to fact checking. He first tried to suggest that only major publications have the commitment with journalism techniques. “If you see it on Twitter, you would say: What’s up with that balloon boy. But then comes the mainstream media, and bring the facts behind the story!”

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Getting Sponsors for an event like Bloggers School Workshop

When you are throwing an event and you are looking for sponsors and partners, look around for companies that represent your community. You are more likely to land a successful event for your supporters if you add value to all involved. Here is what we did to approach companies we thought would match with the proposal of our event. Check out how you can do that yourself.

Find unique ways wrap ads into your event, like reaching out Pure Digital, the manufacture of The Flip, to give away one camera during our Content Creation lesson on our Workshop for the best Content Creation ideas. Since we are would be talking about using videos  to attract audience, we decided would be very convenient have The Flip as a partner;

Provide incentives to educate your audience. We talked to BlogWorld Expo and they are giving a free pass for the exhibition floor for the weekend for every one of our monthly workshops. One big winner is going to get a full pass for the conference and expo, from October 15th to 17th 2009, in Las Vegas;

Look out for companies that get what you are trying to do! Closing the deal whit provide us whit their new Pineapple Jerky as actually easier than we were imagining. In fact, they reached me out first because of my Going Hunting blog because the company understand the power of Social Media and having bloggers doing product reviews.

We also realize that a lot of coffee companies such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are on Twitter so we figure that would be and excelent idea having a coffe shop sponsoring our Twitter Lesson. We notive a heavy conversation about coffee on Twitter and the way people like to actually enjoy it on daily basis. We are still waiting for responses. If it doesn’t happen for this first event, we are definetely making it happen for the next one!

When throwing an event look around to the companies in the online community. You are more likely to land an event sponsor if you add value to all involved. Here is what we did with the companies we approached or that have approached us. I will now show you how to do this.

1) Find unique ways wrap ads  into like with Pure digital technologies Flip Camera we are giving one away at our workshop. For the best content creation idea and potential for use. Because it is a camera we decided to have it relate to content creation.

2) We also talk to BlogWorld Expo and are giving an exhibition pass for the weekend the winner from each workshop will be in a drawing for a full expo pass for October 15th-17th 2009 they are also giving us a full pass to BlogWorld Expo to give away at a booth that we received for promotions by Ecomxpo for July 8th-9th

3) look for local printers who can help you with printing now that you can trade for ad space or links on your blog.

We want to thank Kaykov Media for 5000 business cards with his logo and logos of other sponsors on the back

4) reached out to us for product reviews and are sending pineapple jerky for the workshop. what we are doing here is live reviews when we open them during the workshop.

5) for Coffee we are looking towards coffee companies that are using twitter and having them sponsor Twitter lesson with coffee and cake.

You get the idea add value for all involved be part of the community and the community help your cause in any way they can.

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Making it happen online in a world of change

Today the world changed for sure. If you are running an online business and feel depressed don’t be. Many companies have been born in down times.

You can be one of those right now by buying that new URL and  finding time to learn all there is to learn about Blogging , New Media and the new Social landscape that has emerged. Then put your best foot forward even if that means working all day for the man then home to work for your brand.

With a new president comes hope for change so far Obama has shown great knowledge about social networking and Net Neutrality. By using Twitter, MySpace, Facebook  and other popular social hangouts, Obama has shown that he could be your friend before he was president. This is great because if we all get sparked to do some charity work  we could make things better.

So your online business campaign should be using all these new tools,Blogging, internet radio,video,audio and social sites. With enough hard work it will all pay off in the end.  Put out killer rich content over and over don”t give up.

Do what you love and it will all make sense.

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